Can I sue a nursing home for a relative's COVID death?

Our firm is investigating a potential class action lawsuit against nursing homes and assisted living facilities that re-admitted COVID patients after they were discharged from a hospital for COVID.


If your loved one was a veteran and a resident of a nursing care facility who died of COVID in or after March 2020, and the nursing care facility had previously re-admitted residents discharged from hospital after care for the COVID virus, then you may have a claim.


How do I afford an attorney?

At the Law Office of Michael F. Niznik, we handle our consumer and injury cases on a contingent basis. That means that you do not pay any money for your case. We front all costs for the lawsuit, and we recover our fees through a settlement or trial verdict. 

If we do not get money for you, we do not collect a fee. We are committed to helping individuals seek the justice and obtain the compensation they deserve. To learn more about our firm, contact Michael F. Niznik at 267-589-0601 or at