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What is a Temporary Restraining Order? 

Temporary Restraining Orders – also known as a Protection from Abuse or PFA orders – are legal orders preventing a person from contacting a family member or former intimate partner who seeks the Order. Many times, the first time a person hears of the Temporary Restraining Order is when they are served with the Temporary Restraining Order complaint by the Sheriff. 


The Temporary Restraining Order is temporary in nature until there is a final hearing on the case. The Temporary Restraining Order will direct the person against whom it is filed to appear for a hearing on the merits of the Retraining Order. If you are served with a Temporary Restraining Order, you must appear for your hearing or you risk a Permanent Restraining Order against you. 


What happens at a Temporary Restraining Order hearing?


At a Temporary Restraining Order, a Judge will decide whether the petitioner (the person who filed the Temporary Restraining Order complaint) is entitled to a Permanent Retraining Order. Permanent Retraining Orders can last up to three years. If you do not show up to your Temporary Restraining Order hearing, you risk the Judge imposing a final and permanent Retraining Order. 


Are Temporary Restraining Order hearings criminal?


No. It is important to know that a restraining order hearing is not a criminal matter; however, the violation of a restraining order IS a criminal matter and can involve substantial penalties. 


Philadelphia Temporary Restraining Order Lawyer


Michael F. Niznik is a Philadelphia Restraining Order Lawyer who handles Restraining Order cases throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania. We handle Restraining Order cases in Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, Philadelphia, and Chester counties.  


To learn more about our firm, contact Michael F. Niznik at 267-589-0601 or at


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