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What is odometer fraud?


Odometer fraud typically occurs when a car dealer tampers with, or alters the mileage on a vehicle. New Jersey mileage rollbacks are typically done to trick an unsuspecting buyer into purchasing a vehicle for a higher price than the vehicle should be sold for. This is fraud and this type of fraud allows a New Jersey car dealer fraud lawyer to sue the dealership under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.


New Jersey car dealers can also commit odometer fraud if they install a device which falsely reports the mileage to the odometer; disconnects or resets an odometer; or violates the odometer repair laws under New Jersey law or federal law.


How do you prove odometer fraud?


New Jersey car dealer fraud lawyer Michael F. Niznik uses automotive professionals to diagnose odometer rollbacks. Our office also utilizes New Jersey state auto records to spot mileage rollbacks.


What can I recover for odometer fraud?


Under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, an aggrieved party can sue for damages and attorney fees. At the Law Office of Michael F. Niznik, we handle our consumer protection cases on a contingent basis. That means that you do not provide any money for your case. We front all costs for the litigation, and recover our fees through a settlement or trial verdict.


If we do not get you money, we do not collect a fee.


We are committed to helping those affected by New Jersey odometer fraud get the justice and compensation they deserve.  To learn more about New Jersey odometer fraud lawyer Michael F. Niznik, contact our office at 267-589-0601 or online at We serve all of New Jersey, including Camden, Trenton, Newark, and all those impacted by New Jersey odometer fraud.


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