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New Jersey Wrongful Repossession and Breach of the Peace

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act applies to wrongful repossessions. Under New Jersey Law, and the Uniform Commercial Code, a repossession company is prohibited from breaching the peace while preforming the repossession. This means that the repossession company cannot threaten you or anyone in the vehicle, they cannot break any state or federal law, and they cannot generally create a peace breaking situation through their repossession.

Can I recovery money if my car has been repossessed in New Jersey?

Once the vehicle is repossessed, the law requires that a notice be sent to the owner before vehicle is sold. If you were not sent one of these notices, or if the notice contained improper information, you may be able to recovery significant amounts of money from the repossession company.

Additionally, the finance company that starts the repossession process must follow all applicable laws. These laws include following the Uniform Commercial Code with regard to repossessions, and the notices associated with New Jersey repossessions. The UCC has specific penalties for a violation of the repossession laws, and if the finance company or repossession company violated these laws, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

New Jersey auto repossession companies typically carry extensive insurance to cover any improper conduct that may occur during their work. As a consumer law attorney, we sue the repossession company and we often recover money for our clients through the repossession company’s insurance policy.

New Jersey Repossession Lawyer

New Jersey Repossession Lawyer Michael F. Niznik handles New Jersey illegal repossession cases on a regular basis. We handle consumer cases throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. If you have been the victim of a New Jersey illegal repossession, contact our office today at 267-589-0601 or online at


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