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Montgomery County ends DUI Court. This benefits DUI defendants and the Defense Bar.

Montgomery County is ending the DUI Court program. The Court cited the high volume of DUI cases as its reason for the termination.

The Montgomery County DUI Court differed from the Philadelphia DUI Treatment Court in that, in Montgomery County, the Court was not focused on treatment in any way. Instead, the Montgomery Court simply lumped all DUI cases into the same courtroom and treated all DUI defendants the same way.

Always treating one charge the same way is not the best course of action for any Court to take. This approach often led to skewed sentencing and punishments. Because of this, and because the Montgomery DUI Court never focused on rehabilitation in the first place, the termination is welcome by myself and many other defense attorneys.

Once the DUI Court is officially terminated later this week, DUI cases in Montgomery County will be spread among other criminal-division judges.

To read more about the ending of the Montgomery County DUI Court, see this article on

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