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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Pennsylvania Open Tomorrow

The long wait for medicinal marijuana is coming to an end for Pennsylvania residents. The first dispensary in Pennsylvania is scheduled to open tomorrow in Butler, PA. Organic Remedies in Enola is scheduled to open this Friday, and four other dispensaries around the state are scheduled to open on Saturday.

The state has approved 10 medical marijuana dispensaries so far, along with 10 growing facilities. Close to 20,000 residents have registered for the program, and about 4,000 residents are already approved by a physician to participate.

Importantly, a resident seeking admission to the program can only receive certification through a physician who has been approved by the state. About 400 doctors are approved so far, with more awaiting pending approvals. If you are looking to register for a medical marijuana card, you may apply through the Pennsylvania Department of Health at:

Medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is limited to pills, oils, topical applications, and liquids. Possession of the raw flower (bud) form is still against the law. For more information, please visit the FAQ site of the Department of Health:

If you or someone you know is facing a marijuana-related criminal charge, contact Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer Michael F. Niznik for a free consultation. We maintain two office locations for your convenience and can be reached anytime at 267-589-0601 or online at

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