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Pardon Process in Pennsylvania - Clear Your Record

A criminal record can have a devastating impact on your future. Pennsylvania expungement law only allows certain categories of charges to be cleared through an expungement petition. Depending on the charge, you may not fall into one of these expungement categories. In this instance, your only recourse is to have the charges cleared through a Governor’s pardon.

The process of securing a pardon is complex and lengthy – sometimes taking as long as two and a half years. However, a successful pardon allows a person to move on from a past mistake without being hindered by their criminal record.

The pardon process begins with an application to the Board of Pardons. This application includes details about your education, employment, and criminal history. You must demonstrate that you admit your guilt, that you are sorry for what you’ve done, and that you deserve a pardon.

The application is reviewed, an interview is scheduled, and a recommendation is made to the Board. If the Board is inclined to grant your pardon, a hearing will be scheduled in Harrisburg where you will have the opportunity to show your remorse and your contributions to society. The Board then makes a recommendation to the Pennsylvania Governor who has the final say in all pardon matters.

For more information regarding pardons, visit our pardon information page. If you or someone you know is seeking an expungement or pardon of their criminal record, contact Philadelphia Pardon Lawyer Michael F. Niznik for a free consultation.

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