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Philadelphia DUI Treatment Court

I am often asked about DUI diversionary programs. A diversionary program is a program that allows a defendant to participate in a certain course of action (classes, probation, etc.) rather than face the normal courtroom procedures for a criminal charge. In Philadelphia, there are two main diversionary programs pertaining to Driving Under the Influence charges. First, there is the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program (ARD) for defendants charged with a first offense DUI. The second is the Philadelphia DUI Treatment Court.

The Philadelphia DUI Treatment Court is a program designed to address second and third offense DUI cases in Philadelphia. In a normal Pennsylvania DUI case, a person found guilty of a second offense in the highest tier is facing a ninety (90) day mandatory minimum period of incarceration. Obviously this 90 day period can have a devastating effect on a person’s job, family, and financial well-being. Because of this, the Philadelphia courts have designed the DUI Treatment Court to allow the rehabilitation of DUI offenders without destroying their lives.

If a defendant decides to participate in the Philadelphia DUI Treatment Court program, a period of their mandatory county custody is converted to house arrest. While on house arrest, the participant is able attend work, continue school, and attend any medical or substance abuse programs outside their home.

Please visit our DUI Treatment Court webpage to learn more about the Philadelphia DUI Treatment Court program.

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