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Traffic Points in Pennsylvania

6 or More Points – First Time

As many of you know, the Pennsylvania traffic code penalizes certain driving offenses using a point system. 6 points is the suspension threshold in Pennsylvania. If your driving record reaches 6 or more points, PennDOT will request that you take a written examination. This examination will test safe driving practices, sanctions and safety issues in Pennsylvania. If you successfully complete the examination, 2 points will be removed from your driving record. If you fail to take the test within 30 days, PennDOT will suspend your license until the exam is passed.

Second Accumulation of 6 or More Points

If you accumulate 6 or more points a second time, PennDOT will require you to attend a departmental hearing where an officer will review your driving history and make a recommendation. The recommendation can include any of the following:

  • 15 day license suspension;

  • Special on-road driving examination; or

  • No action.

A recommendation of a 15 day suspension or on-road examination will remove 2 points from your license. If you fail to attend the departmental hearing, a 60 day license suspension will occur.

Third Accumulation of 6 or More Points

If you accumulate 6 or more points three or more times, you will be scheduled for a departmental hearing. Just as before, the examiner will review your driving record and make a recommendation as to whether or not a 30 day license suspension will take effect. If you fail to show up for this hearing, your license will be suspended until you reschedule and show up.

11 or More Points

With the accumulation of 11 or more points, PennDOT will suspend your driver’s license. The length of suspension depends on the number of suspensions you’ve had in the past. First suspension will accrue 5 days of suspension per point. Second will be 10 days per point. Third will be 15 days per point. And, all subsequent suspensions for 11 or more points will accrue a 1 year suspension.

Point Removal

3 points are removed for every twelve months that you remain violation-free. So, if you accumulate 5 points in one year, your license will contain 2 points at the end of the first year, and 0 points after two years of violation-free driving.

Please see our chart at our Pennsylvania Driving Violation page to see which offenses carry points. And, if you or someone you know needs assistance for a license-related issue, contact Driving License Attorney Michael F. Niznik at 267-589-0601. We represent clients throughout eastern and central Pennsylvania in all licensing and criminal defense matters.

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