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Seeking New Cases of Car Dealer Fraud

The Law Office of Michael F. Niznik is seeking new cases of car dealer fraud. Car dealers often buy vehicles from auto auctions to resell on their lots. Deceptive dealers will look for damaged vehicles, fix the damage, and then attempt to resell the vehicle as undamaged - often for a much higher price than that vehicle should warrant.

In many cases, dealers will even give customers an accident-free Carfax, knowing the vehicle has been in an accident. Most states have consumer protection laws to protect purchasers in these scenarios. For these fraudulent dealings, the buyer can often sue the dealer under the consumer protection law to recover significant amounts of money from the dealer or the dealer’s insurance company.

Types fraudulent transactions that we typically see include:

  • Misrepresenting a vehicle’s previous accident history;

  • Fixing a defective vehicle and selling it claiming there were never any defects;

  • Changing the terms of financing after an agreement has been made;

  • Selling a motor vehicle as new even after it has been damaged before sale;

  • Mileage rollback;

  • Deceptive Advertising

  • Failing to disclose that a vehicle was flood damaged.

Please visit our Consumer Protection page at for more information. And, if you hear of anyone with these issues, please direct them to our office.

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