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Passing a School Bus Carries Mandatory 2 Month License Suspension

Keep your distance from that school bus on your street. Passing a school bus is one of the more severe traffic violations in Pennsylvania. If convicted of passing a school bus, the offender’s license is suspended for 60 days and 5 points are added to their driver’s license.

75 Pa. C.S. § 3345(a) defines the laws surrounding this violation. Passing a school bus is graded as a summary offense in Pennsylvania. The law is particular about which lights are flashing at the time of the violations – red or amber.

The statue states that a driver must stop at least 10 feet away from the bus when red lights are flashing and the signal arm is extended. Amber lights are used by school buses to indicate that the bus is in the process of stopping to pick up children. These lights are activated prior to the red lights being turned on.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has addressed this law in Commonwealth v. Schlegel, 577 Pa. 321, 325 (2004). In that case, the Court stated that once a driver encounters a school bus displaying amber flashing lights, the driver must stop 10 feet away from the bus.

Penalties for Passing a School Bus In Pennsylvania

If convicted of passing a school bus in Pennsylvania, a driver will be subjected to the following penalties:

· Guilty of a summary traffic violation;

· $250.00 fine;

· 60 day license suspension; and

· 5 points added to the driver’s license.

If you have been charged with passing a school bus, it is important to know that an experienced lawyer may be able to work with the court to reduce, change or throw out the charge so that the violation and license suspension do not impact your life. The Law Offices of Michael F. Niznik is a law firm dedicated to defending those accused of traffic and criminal violations. To schedule a free consultation, please contact our office at 267-589-0601 or visit our Passing a School Bus page at:

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