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Can I Sue With Limited Tort? Pennsylvania Car Accident Law

Purchasing car or motorcycle insurance can be confusing. You are given a wide array of options, with each option changing the price of the policy. When choosing car insurance, you will be given the option of full or limited tort coverage, and this decision can have far reaching consequences.

Difference Between Full and Limited Tort

Full tort allows the victim of a car accident to sue for all damages – including pain and suffering and economic damages associated with the car accident.

Limited tort is significantly less expensive than full tort because limited tort coverage limits your ability to recover. If you have a limited tort insurance policy, you cannot recover for pain and suffering attributed to an auto accident unless the injury significantly impaired a bodily function. This is legal jargon for a significant injury. You cannot recover under limited tort unless your injury was severe – such as death, deformity, or impairment of a bodily function. This means that even if you were disabled from an accident, you may not be able to recover for your pain and suffering if you have a limited tort policy.

Pedestrian or Cyclist

There is an exception to the limited tort law for pedestrians or cyclists hit by motor vehicles. If you have limited tort insurance, and you are hit by a motor vehicle while walking or riding your bike, your insurance company will still provide medical coverage and the limited tort provision will not apply. You would be considered full tort under you policy.

Should I Choose Full or Limited Tort?

If it is not too expensive for you to do so, Philadelphia car accident attorney Michael F. Niznik recommends obtaining a full tort insurance policy. While the cost may be higher, the protections offered are vast. You are purchasing insurance to protect yourself and your loved ones – make sure to protect your financial interests as well as your bodily interest.

As explained, a full tort policy allows you to sue for non-economic damages like pain and suffering. Adding this component to a law suit can dramatically increase your recovery and this recovery can help you and your loved ones overcome the hurdles that an accident will create.

If you or someone your know is the victim of a car accident, contact Philadelphia car accident lawyer Michael F. Niznik for a free consultation. We can be reached 24/7 at 267-589-0601 or online at

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