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DUI Offenders Now Eligible For Limited Driver's License in PA

Just last month, the Ignition Interlock Limited License (IILL) became law in Pennsylvania. The IILL allows those with DUI-related license suspensions to drive during their suspension if they install an approved interlock device in their vehicle.

The Ignition Interlock law is a significant step forward in rehabilitation for DUI offenders in Pennsylvania. Prior to this law’s enactment, a DUI could spell a death sentence for those who needed their license to maintain their job and continue to provide for their family.

Now, with the proper oversight and protections for the public, an interlock will allow those individuals to operate their vehicles safely while they get the help they need from court-ordered counseling and driving safety classes.

Eligibility for an Ignition Interlock Limited License

Those convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance under 75 Pa.C.S. 3802 or those whose license was suspended due to a chemical test refusal under 75 Pa.C.S. 1547 are eligible for the Ignition Interlock Limited License. If an individual has no prior DUI convictions, they are eligible to apply for an IILL immediately. If the individual has one or more prior convictions, the law mandates either a 6 or 9 month waiting period depending on the severity of the prior DUI.

Individuals who receive a license suspension through the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program are not currently eligible for an Ignition Interlock Limited License.

How much does an Ignition Interlock Limited License cost?

The application fee for the IILL is a non-refundable $65.00 fee. The Interlock device is leased for the term of your suspension from an approved provider. The average cost for the lease is between $900 and $1,300 per year. The IILL driver is responsible for all costs.

How to apply for an Ignition Interlock Limited License

An IILL eligible driver must first fill out the DL-9108 form which can be found here. Once filled out, the driver must submit the form along with the $65 filing fee by certified mail to PennDOT. PennDOT will then issue a special limited driver’s license card.

If my license was suspended before the Ignition Interlock Limited License law was passed, will I still be eligible?

Yes, you will still be eligible if the suspension is the last sanction on your driving history and there are more than 7 days remaining until your restoration date.

What happens to an Ignition Interlock driver who is caught driving a vehicle not equipped with an interlock?

An IILL driver who is stopped while operating a vehicle without an interlock is subject to imprisonment, fines, and a 12-month extension of the interlock for a first offense. Subsequent offenses increase the interlock extension and the requirements to be removed from the IILL program.

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