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Utah Lowers BAC Limit to .05%

It is not often that I get to combine my love for skiing with my passion for criminal defense; however, Utah’s new DUI law allows me to do just that. Utah, long known for its excellent skiing and winter sports, just lowered the legal limit for DUI offenders from .08% to .05%. This new law has many people worried that Utah’s Winter Olympics bid may be negatively impacted. Hospitality organizations say that this new law targets social, responsible drinkers rather than high BAC DUI drivers.

The new law also has repercussions for gun owners. Utah allows owners of firearms to openly carry their guns subject to the BAC limit set for drivers under the DUI law. This means that a gun owner in Utah cannot carry their firearm if their blood alcohol content is higher than the DUI limit – which has now been lowered.

Utah has faced backlash for this decision from business associations claiming the lower limit will cause tourists to choose other states over Utah. According to the NHTSA, a 160lb man could reach the new DUI BAC limit after drinking two beers in one hour. Utah is known for having the strictest alcohol laws in the county – with laws mandating that curtains be erected to prevent children from seeing bartenders mix drinks, and that “near beer” be sold in certain locations.

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